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MaMas Barn - Barn Som Barn Title
1.É dé nat? 3:51
2.Kärlekens tatueringar 3:09
3.Det är svårt att bryta upp 3:27
4.Hunger och tro 3:06
5.Marleene 3:45
6.Allting flyter 2:33
7.Hajsalasse 4:07
8.Mammas barn 3:20
9.I natt är jag vild 3:53
10.Tracksnubbe 3:07
11.Kan du förstå? 4:09
Type album
Date of release 11/06/1982

This release has been viewed 39710 times.
Barn Som Barn is the only album released by Marie Fredriksson's second group MaMas Barn and the songs were recorded in the spring of 1982 at the WEA-Metronome Studios in Stockholm. The album was critically well received but it only sold around 1.000 copies. A test pressing of the LP including slightly different versions of the songs does also exist.

MaMas Barn had only two members (Marie Fredriksson and Matrin Sternhufvud) but when the album was recorded they invited two members of Gyllene Tider as guest musicians. Because of Marie Fredriksson's huge success with Roxette the record company decided to release the album on CD in 1992, exactly 10 years after the original release of the LP.

Produced by Finn Sjöberg and Mamas Barn.

Musical credits

Marie Fredriksson - Vocals, keyboards and backing vocals
Martin Sternhufvud - Vocals, electric guitars and backing vocals
Mickael "Micke Syd" Andersson - Drums and backing vocals
Anders Herrlin - Bass and backing vocals
Niklas Strömstedt - Backing vocals on I Natt Är Jag Vild

Barn Som Barn (album)
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MaMas Barn - Barn Som Barn
Germany CD WEA / 4509-91253-2 1992
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