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Roxette - The Look
Type single
Date of release 01/12/1989

This release has been viewed 123016 times.
The Look was the third single from Roxette's album Look Sharp! and it was their first #1 on the U.S. charts. The single was at the top of the charts in 26 different countries around the world in 1989.

The first edition of 8.000 copies of the Swedish 7'' was released on red vinyl and in a different coloured sleeve compared to the second edition. The first edition of 2.000 copies of the Swedish 12'' was also released on red vinyl but in a similar sleeve as the second edition.

The Look was the first single by Roxette to be released as a CDS in Sweden but only 4.600 copies were sold and it is therefore quite rare today.

In Japan a promotion only 7'' was released in a company sleeve together with a seperate sheet which had a picture and some text on the front and lyrics together with other information on the back.

There was only one supposed copy of the Swedish 7'' on clear vinyl ever made, and it sold for SEK 15.000 at an auction in December 1994 as the most expenssive Roxette record ever! It was later discovered that there is more than one copy, but just how many are available is still uncertain.

The Look (single)
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South Africa
Roxette - The Look    (Promo)
One sided promotion 7'' in a white paper sleeve
South Africa 7'' EMI / PS 108 1989
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