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Roxette - Almost Unreal Title
Type single
Date of release 05/10/1993

This release has been viewed 74959 times.
Almost Unreal is a song which was originally written for the movie "Hocus Pocus" but it was instead included on the soundtrack to the movie "Super Mario Bros".

The song The Heart Shaped Sea was taken from Roxette's album Tourism and this song was not included on the soundtrack.

The European version of the soundtrack includes another song by Roxette, Cinnamon Street, and this is the same version as 2 Cinnamon Street which was included on the U.K. re-release of the CDS It Must Have Been Love.

The reason that an extra song by Roxette was included on the European issue of the soundtrack was that the record company wanted people to buy this record instead of imports of the album from North America.

The only 7'' release of this single was in the U.K. (except fo the U.S. jukebox single) but it was exported to several countries in Europe. Some of these 7'' was misprinted with the name Peter Gessle as the songwriter of the song The Heart Shaped Sea. A special limited edition 12'' picture disc was also released and it is in fact the only picture disc single by Roxette that EMI has commercially released.
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