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Gyllene Tider - Instant Hits 1979-1989! Title
1.Flickorna på TV2 3:50
2.Ska vi älska, så ska vi älska till Buddy Holly 3:44
3.(Dansar inte lika bra som) Sjöman 2:32
4.Billy 5:20
5.Marie i växeln 3:42
6.När vi två blir en 3:05
7.(Kom så ska vi) Leva livet 3:41
8.Det hjärta som brinner 3:00
9.Ljudet av ett annat hjärta 3:50
10.Tylö sun 2:41
11.Sommartider 3:18
12.När alla vännerna gått hem 3:50
13.(Hon vill ha) Puls 3:20
14.Vandrar i ett sommarregn 4:41
15.Flickan i en Col Porter-sång 3:48
16.Teaser Japanese 3:28
17.Break another heart 4:27
18.Småstad 3:28
19.Om hon visste vad hon ville 3:20
20.Ny pojkvän 2:04
21.Oh yeah oh yeah (Oh oh) 2:17
22.Vandrande man 3:10
23.Jo-Anna farväl 2:06
Type album
Date of release 09/05/1989

This release has been viewed 39258 times.
Instant Hits 1979-1989! was the first Gyllene Tider greatest hits album and it was released in connection whith the 10 - year anniversary of the group.

The album includes 17 of their most popular songs together with six new songs recorded under the name Pers Garage. The reason they used another name for the new recordings was that Anders Herrlin was not present and the group had made an agreement not to use the name Gyllene Tider on a recording unless all of the original members were present.

The commercial 2-LP was released in a gatefold die-cut sleeve but a special promotion edition of the sleeve was also made and the only difference between the sleeves is that the promotion  edition was released without die-cut. The special edition of the picture sleeve was used for promotional puposes only and was never for sale in the record shops but some copies managed to reach the collectors market anyway.

On the spine of the 2-LP the following message is printed: "Gyllene Tider 10 År - Äntligen Lika Gamla Som Våra Fans!"

Rough translation: "Gyllene Tider 10 Years - Finally The Same Age As Our Fans!"

When Gyllene Tider released their second greatest hits album Halmstads Pärlor in 1995 it was decided that Instant Hits 1979-1989 should be withdrawn. Most of the copies that was sold of this album were 2-LPs and therefore the CD is quite rare today.

Produced by Lars-Göran "Lasse" Lindbom (Track 1 - 17) and Per Gessle (Track 18 - 23)

Musical credits

Gyllene Tider

Mickael "Micke Syd" Andersson - Drums and backing vocals
Göran Fritzson - Farfisa- and hammond-organ and piano
Per Gessle - Vocals and electric guitars
Anders Herrlin - Bass
Mats "MP" Persson - Electric guitars, Hammond-organ and piano

Pers Garage

Mickael "Micke Syd" Andersson - Drums and vocals
Göran Fritzson - Farfisa- and Hammond-organ
Per Gessle - Vocals, electric guitars and harmonica
Mats "MP" Persson - Electric and slide guitars, piano, Hammond-organ, accordion and bass

Jan "Janne" Andersson - Electric guitar on Marie I Växeln, Eva Dahlgren - Vocals on Vandrar I Ett Sommarregn, Marie Fredriksson - Vocals on Break Another Heart, Atsuko Katsube - Japanese reading on Teaser Japanese, Lars-Göran "Lasse" Lindbom - Backing vocals on Marie I Växeln, Bengt Palmers - String arrangement on Teaser Japanese, Niklas Strömstedt - Vox-organ on Marie I Växeln, Kjell Öhman - Accordion on Flickan I En Cole Porter-Sång
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Instant Hits 1979-1989! (album)
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Gyllene Tider - Instant Hits 1979-1989!
Netherlands CD Parlophone / 7930172 1989
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