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Djupa Andetag (2)
Dance Passion - The Remix Album (3)
June Afternoon (11)
Roxette - The RoxBox - Roxette 86-06
Country Netherlands
Year 2006
Date of release 10/18/2006
Format 4-CD+DVD
Label Roxette Recordings
Number 3679722

This release has been viewed 18119 times.

1.Neverending love (Single A-side/From: Pearls Of Passion) 3:27
2.Secrets that she keeps (From: Pearls Of Passion) 3:41
3.Goodbye to you (Single A-side/From: Pearls Of Passion) 4:00
4.Soul deep (Sing A-side/From: Pearls Of Passion) 3:33
5.The Look (Sing A-side/From: Look Sharp!) 3:57
6.Dressed for success (Single A-side/From: Look Sharp!) 4:12
7.Sleeping single (From: Look Sharp!) 4:38
8.Paint (From: Look Sharp!) 3:32
9.Dangerous (Single A-side/From: Look Sharp!) 3:51
10.Listen to your heart (Single A-side/From: Look Sharp!) 5:15
11.The Voice (Single B-side/Outtake from Look Sharp!) 4:16
12.Cry (Demo) 5:09
13.It must have been love (Single A-side/From The Pretty Woman Soundtrack) 4:19
14.Joyride (Single A-side/From: Joyride) 4:01
15.Fading like a flower (Every time you leave) (Single A-side/From: Joyride) 3:53
16.Spending my time (Single A-side/From: Joyrde) 4:36
17.Watercolours in the rain (From: Joyride) 3:39
18.Church of your heart (Single A-side/From: Joyride) 3:23
19.Perfect day (From: Joyride) 4:06
1.The big L. (Single A-side/From: Joyride) 4:28
2.(Do you get) Excited? (From: Joyride) 4:17
3.Things will never be the same (From: Joyride) 4:28
4.The sweet hello, the sad goodybe (Single B-side/Outtake from Joyride) 3:48
5.Love spins (Demo) 3:31
6.Seduce me (Single B-side/Demo) 3:56
7.How do you do! (Single A-side/From: Tourism) 3:11
8.The heart shaped sea (From: Tourism) 4:32
9.The Rain (From: Tourism) $:50
10.Never is a long time (From: Tourism) 3:46
11.Silver blue (From: Tourism) 4:08
12.Come back (Before you leave) (From: Tourism) 4:32
13.Queen of rain (Single A-side/From: Tourism) 4:56
14.Almost unreal (Single A-side/From The Super Mario Bros. Soundtrack) 3:58
15.Sleeping in my car (Single A-side/From: Crash! Boom! Bang!) 3:34
16.Crash! Boom! Bang! (Single A-side/From: Crash! Boom! Bang!) 4:28
17.Vulnerable (Single A-side/From: Crash! Boom! Bang!) 5:29
18.The first girl on the moon (From: Crash! Boom! Bang!) 2:57
19.I'm sorry (From: Crash! Boom! Bang!) 3:11
1.Run to you (Single A-side/From: Crash! Boom! Bang!) 3:38
2.See me (Outtake from Crash! Boom! Bang!) 3:45
3.June afternoon (Single A-side/From: Don't Bore Us - Get To The Chorus - Greatest Hits!) 4:11
4.You don't understand me (Single A-side/From: Don't Bore Us - Get To The Chorus - Greatest Hits!) 4:27
5.She doesn't live here anymore (Single A-side/From: Don't Bore Us - Get To The Chorus - Greatest Hits!) 4:04
6.I don't want to get hurt (From: Don't Bore Us - Get To The Chorus - Greatest Hits!) 4:17
7.Always breaking my heart (Demo) 3:07
8.Help! (From The Abbey Road Sessions) 2:57
9.Wish I could fly (Single A-side/From: Have A Nice Day) 4:42
10.You can't put your arms around what's already gone (From: Have A Nice Day) 3:33
11.Waiting for the rain (From: Have A Nice Day) 3:38
12.Anyone (Single A-side/From: Have A Nice Day) 4:32
13.Stars (Single A-side/From: Have A Nice Day) 3:57
14.Salvation (Single A-side/From: Have A Nice Day) 4:38
15.Cooper (From: Have A Nice Day) 4:20
16.Beautiful things (From: Have A Nice Day) 3:50
17.It hurts (Outtake from Have A Nice Day) 3:52
18.Little Miss Sorrow (From: The Pop Hits/Outtake from Have A Nice Day) 3:57
19.Happy together (Single B-side/Outtake from Have A Nice Day) 3:56
20.Staring at the ground (Demo) 3:50
1.7Twenty7 (Demo) 3:27
2.It will take a long long time (Single B-side) 3:59
3.Anyone/I love how you love me (Demo) 4:12
4.Myth (Demo) 4:25
5.New world (Demo) 4:38
6.Better off on her own (Demo) 2:51
7.Real sugar (Single A-side/From: Room Service) 3:17
8.The centre of the heart (Single A-side/From: Room Service) 3:23
9.Milk and toast and honey (Single A-side/From: Room Service) 4:04
10.Jefferson (From: Room Service) 3:58
11.Little girl (From: Room Service) 3:39
12.The weight of the world (Outtake from: Room Service) 2:52
13.Every day (Outtake from: Room Service) 3:25
14.Bla bla bla bla bla (You've broke my heart) (Demo) 4:26
15.A thing about you (Single A-side/From: The Ballad Hits) 3:49
16.Breathe (From: The Ballad Hits) 4:34
17.Opportunity nox (Single A-side/From: The Pop Hits) 3:01
18.All I ever wanted (Demo) 4:16
19.One wish (Single A-side/Recorded 2006) 3:03
20.Reveal (Recorded 2006) 3:43
MTV Unplugged (DVD1)
1.The Look
2.Queen of rain
5.I never loved a man (The way that I love you)
6.It must have been love
9.Heart of gold
10.Church of your heart
11.Listen to your heart
13.Here comes the weekend
15.So you wanna be a Rock'N'Roll star
17.Spending my time
18.The heart shaped sea
20.Watercolours in the rain
22.Fading like a flower (Every time you leave)
23.Perfect day
The Rox Videos! (DVD2)
1.Neverending love
2.Soul deep
3.I call your name
5.The Look
6.Dressed for success
7.Listen to your heart
9.It must have been love
11.Fading like a flower (Every time you leave)
12.Spending my time
13.(Do you get) Excited?
14.Church of your heart
15.The big L.
16.How do you do!
17.Queen of rain
18.Almost unreal
19.Fingertips '93
21.Sleeping in my car
22.Crash! Boom! Bang!
23.Run to you
25.June afternoon
26.You don't understand me
27.She doesn't live here anymore
28.Un dia sin ti
29.Wish I could fly
33.Real sugar
34.The centre of the heart
35.Milk and toast and honey
36.A thing about you
37.Opportunity nox