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Per Gessle - Name... (03/28/18)
Per Gessle - Name... (03/28/18)
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En Händig Man (1)
Fading Like A Flower (Every Time Yo... (2)
Moderna Tider (25 Års Jubileumsutg... (1)
Svens Rock Mot Apartheid (ANC Galan) - Svens Rock Mot Apartheid (ANC Galan)
Country Sweden
Year 1994
Date of release 01/01/1994
Format 2-CD
Label Amalthea
Number ANCCD 2001

This release has been viewed 4303 times.

1.ANC-Kören - When freedom we have won
2.Totta's Bluesband - Ain't your business
3.Peps Persson - Ed del och andra
4.Jerry Williams - Don't lie to me
5.Totta's Bluesband - Sail away
6.Rolf Börjlind - Nyttiga idioter
7.Tommy Körberg - Bridge over troubled waters
8.Mats Ronander - En hederlig man
9.Sanne Salomonsen - Out of darkness
10.Mikael Rickfors - Amazing grace
11.Eve Dahlgren & Anders Glenmark - The long and widing road
12.Tomas Ledin - Don't touch that dial
13.Ledin-Rickfors-Dahlgren-Salomonsen-Ronander M FL - It's never too late
1.Anne-Lie Rydé - All for the Rock & Roll
2.Hansson De Wolfe United - Oberoende vad fursten säger
3.Dan Hylander - Hymn till en snubblad vandrare
4.Py Bäckman - Concordelia
5.Hylander, Bäckman M FL - Låt julen förkunna (Frid på jorden)
6.Strube-Wiehe-Salomonsen-Afzelius-Globetrotters - Hold om mig
7.Björn Afzelius & Mikael Wiehe - Folkens kamp är folkens hopp
8.Imperiet - Märk hur vå skugga
9.Imperiet, Afzelius, Wiehe & Co - Fred
10.Svensk Rock Mot Apartheid - Soweto
11.Svensk Rock Mot Apartheid - Berg är till för att flyttas!

Svensk Rock Mot Apartheid is a live-album recorded during two benefit concerts for ANC which took place at Scandinavium in Göteborg on November 29 - 30, 1985. Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle were two of the participating artists and the yboth appeared on backing vocals on the following song:

CD1 12) Tomas Ledin - Don't touch that dial (4:02) (this version of the song is not available anywhere else)

Per Gessle, Marie Fredriksson, Lars "Lasse" Lindbom and Mats "MP" Persson also performed the songs Tända En Sticka Till, Ännu Doftar Kärlek and a cover of Stehpen Stills' song Love The One You're With during these concerts but none of these songs are included on this album.