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Per Gessle - Per Gessle
Country Netherlands
Year 1983
Date of release 04/08/1983
Format LP
Label Parlophone
Number 7C 062-35995

Note: LP with a sleeve printed in Sweden
This release has been viewed 1545 times.

Side A
A1)På väg 3:39
A2)Hjärtats trakt 3:20
A3)Om du har lust 3:59
A4)Timmar av iver 1:46
A5)Regn 3:15
A6)Indiansommar 0:52
A7)Historier vi kan 3:09
Side B
B1)Ledmotiv från "Indiansommar" 0:54
B2)Den öde stranden 4:11
B3)Fiskarnas tecken 3:59
B4)Rädd 3:30
B5)Tända en sticka till 4:28
B6)Syrenernas tid 4:04

Per Gessle is the first solo album by Per Gessle and it was recorded at EMI Studios in Stockholm in February 1983.

The first issue of the Swedish LP was released in a gatefold sleeve but the second edition was only available with a regular sleeve. After a while the album was re-released and this time the LP was made in The Netherlands but the sleeve was still made in Sweden.

When the album was released on CD in 1992 (in the box set På Väg only) and in 1994 (as a seperate CD) the following bonus tracks were included:

Överallt and Man Varnade För Halka - Both songs were previously released on the single Om Du Har Lust.

När Morgonen Kommer - This song was previously only available on the compilation album Radio Parlophone - Andra Sändningen.

Produced by Lars-Göran "Lasse" Lindbom.

Musical credits

Per Gessle - Vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, accordion, percussion, string and harmonica

Matts Alsberg - Bass, Jan "Janne" Bark - Electric guitars and backing vocals, Björn "Shakin' Björne" Boström - Autoharp, Hans "Backa Hans" Eriksson - Bass and contrabass, Marie Fredriksson - Vocals and backing vocals, Kjell Johansson - Banjo, Jan "Nane" Kvillsäter - Electric and acoustic guitars and sitar, Lars-Göran "Lasse" Lindbom - Acoustic guitars and backing vocals, Hans "Hasse" Olsson - Hammond-organ, piano and electric piano, Magnus Persson - Drums and percussion, Christina Puchinger - Harp, Mats Rosén - Pedal steel, Niklas Strömstedt - Hammond-organ, organ, paino and backing vocals, Reg Ward - Saxophone, Kjell Öhman - Accordion