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Travelling (1)
Roxette - Talking About Tourism   (Promo)
Country Sweden
Year 1992
Date of release 08/01/1992
Format CD
Label EMI
Number CDPRO 4146

Note: Promotion Interview CD
This release has been viewed 2346 times.

Track Listing
1.Tourism - When did the idea for this album come up? 1:11
2.108 Shows during one year, travelling 4 continents - Are you workaholics? 1:25
3.You seem to have become a "big family" over the years. How important is it to have an "All Swedish Team" conquering the world? 1:22
4.It must be easier with such a "family" of friends around you... 0:37
5.Every song on this record seem to have its own story. Let's start with "How do you do!" 1:04
6.You seem to go back to the 70s... 0:24
7.What can you tell me about "Fingertips"? 1:33
8.You must have written it on a sunny day on the sea-side? 0:28
9.Your first hit is on "Tourism" - The Look... 1:45
10.Then there's another new song, "The heart shaped sea" 0:49
11.Another new ballad, "The Rain"... 1:04
12."Keep me waiting"... 1:53
13.Talking about wide ranges of voice. A perfect example is "It must have been love"... 3:02
14."Cinnamon street" Was the last dong recorded for this album... 1:17
15."Never is a long time"... 2:30
16."Silver blue" Was a b-side, why did you put it on this album? 0:54
17.How would you describe "Here comes the weekend"? 2:04
18.Another hotelroom song but in a total different direction, "So far away". 1:05
19."Come back (Before you leave)" Is not so old and not so new... 1:02
20."Things will never be the same" is different from the version on "Joyride" 0:57
21.Why is "Queen of rain" the last song and not "Joyride" which would have seem more natural? 1:12
22.And who actually is the "Queen of rain"? 0:20
23.We can't forget "Joyride". 1:43
24.Is Roxette a rocky popband or a poppy rockband? 1:24
25.Was this "Tourism" activity for over a year a "Joyride"? 2:50
26.What does the future of Roxette look like? 2:38

Talking About Tourism is an interview CD which was made in a batch of 1.300 copies and sent out as advance promotion for Roxette's album Tourism.

The booklet includes 26 different questions to Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson and the CD itself is Per and Marie answering all these questions with pauses in between.

Most of these CD's were sent to radio stations outside Sweden and the idea was that the station's own DJ read the question from the booklet and it would seem as if Roxette were there giving the pre-recorded answers.