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Queen Of Rain (19)
Fireworks (12)
sleeping in my car (1)
Roxette - Don't Bore Us - Get To The Chorus + Tourism
Country Australia
Year 1995
Date of release 10/23/1995
Format 2-CD
Label EMI
Number 8354662

Note: CD including bonus CD of Tourism
This release has been viewed 1482 times.

CD1 - Don't Bore Us - Get To The Chorus
1.June afternoon 4:15
2.You don't understand me 4:28
3.The Look 3:56
4.Dressed for success (US Single Mix) 4:11
5.Listen to your heart (Swedish Single Edit) 5:14
6.Dangerous (Single Version) 3:48
7.It must have been love (From The Pretty Woman-soundtrack) 4:19
8.Joyride (Single Edit) 4:02
9.Fading like a flower (Every time you leave) 3:53
10.The big L. 4:28
11.Spending my time 4:38
12.How do you do! 3:12
13.Almost unreal (From The Super Mario Bros.-soundtrack) 3:59
14.Sleeping in my car (Single Edit) 3:33
15.Crash! Boom! Bang! (Single Edit) 4:25
16.Vulnerable (Single Edit) 4:30
17.She doesn't live here anymore 4:03
18.I don't want to get hurt 4:17
CD2 - Tourism
1.How do you do! (Studio) 3:12
2.Fingertips (Studio) 3:22
3.The Look (Live) 5:34
4.The heart shaped sea (Studio) 4:31
5.The Rain (Studio) 4:49
6.Keep me waiting (Studio) 3:12
7.It must have been love (Live / Studio) 7:08
8.Cinnamon street (Studio) 5:04
9.Never is a long time (Nightclub) 3:44
10.Silver blue (Studio) 4:05
11.Here comes the weekend (Hotelroom) 4:11
12.So far away (Hotelroom) 4:02
13.Come back (Before you leave) (Studio) 4:30
14.Things will never be the same (Live) 3:22
15.Joyride (Live) 4:50
16.Queen of rain (Studio) 4:49

Don't Bore Us - Get To The Chorus is a greatest hits album by Roxette which was released all over the world (except in the U.S.A.) in the fall of 1995.

Even though there are quite a few bootleg "greatest hits" albums available, and people might think of these as official releases, this is actually the first commercial greatest hits album thet EMI has released by Roxette.

The title Don't Bore Us - Get To The Chorus was first used on the spine of the album Joyride as a sort of subtitle and during the world tour "Join The Joyride" this message was printed on the back of Per Gessle's guitar picks.

The album includes four newly recorded songs of which You Don't Understand Me, June Afternoon and She Doesn't Live Here Anymore were released as singles. The Song The Look was remixed and released as the single The Look '95 in the U.K. only, but this version of the song was not included on the album.

The songs June Afternoon and She Doesn't Live Here Anymore were recorded with most of Per Gessle's group Gyllene Tider (Göran Fritzson was the only group member missing).

Produced by Clarence Öfwerman (tracks 1-16 and 18), Per Gessle and Mickael Ilbert (track 17)

Musical credit
Marie Fredriksson - Vocals
Per Gessle - Vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, kazoo, whistling, Benny-piano, tambourine

Per "Pelle" Alsing - Drums and Hi-hat, Michael "Micke Syd" Andersson - Drums and tambourine, Victoria "Vicki" Benckert - Backing vocals, Anders Herrlin - Bass, programming, sythesizer and backing vocals, Mats Holmquist - String and horn arrangement, conductor of strings and horns, Jonas Isacsson - Electric and acoustic guitars and harmonica, Christer Jansson - Drums, percussion and hi-hat, Hernik Jansson - Talk box, Jarl "Jalle" Lorensson - Harmonica, Mats "MP" Persson - Electric and acoustic guitars, Mats Persson - Drums, Jan "Janne" Oldaeus - Electric guitar, Per "Pelle" Sirén - Electric guitars, Alar Suurna - Tambourine, Clarence Öfwerman - Keyboards, programming, string and horn arrangements, synclavier and backing vocals, Staffan Öfwerman - Percussion and backing vocals, Harleay Davidson Heritage Softail Nostalgia - Bike on track 17