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Roxette - Look Sharp!
Country South Africa
Year 1989
Date of release 01/01/1989
Format CD
Label EMI
Number CDENCJ (WF) 7910982

This release has been viewed 672 times.

Track Listing
1.The Look 3:56
2.Dressed for success 4:11
3.Sleeping single 4:39
4.Paint 3:29
5.Dance away 3:25
6.Cry 5:05
7.Chances 4:07
8.Dangerous 3:48
9.Half a woman, half a shadow 3:33
10.View from a hill 3:39
11.(I could never) Give you up 3:57
12.Shadow of a doubt 4:13
13.Listen to your heart 5:27

Look Sharp! is Roxette's second album and it was recorded at EMI Studios in Stockholm between March and August 1988 and also at Trident II Studios in London in June 1988.

This was Roxette's breakthrough album and it includes songs like The Look, Dressed For Success, Dangerous and Listen To Your Heart which were all released as singles and became huge hits around the world.

The album includes 13 songs but on the LP and cassette the song (I Could Never) Give You Up was left out and in some countries the date on the cover was changed.

In Germany the album was released in a limited edition as a picture LP and picture CD and these were the first picture discs that were ever released by Roxette.

The name Look Sharp! was first used by Joe Jackson on his album from 1979 but Per Gessle thought it was a cool title and decided that Roxette should use the same title for their album.

Produced by Clarence Öfwerman and Adam Mosley (track 6, 7 and 10).

Musical credits

Marie Fredriksson - Vocals
Per Gessle - Vocals

Per "Pelle" Alsing - Drums, Erik Borelius - Spanish guitar, Graham Edwards - Bass, Anders Herrlin - Bass, Erik Häusler - Saxophone, Jonas Isacsson - Electric and acoutic guitars, Jarl "Jalle" Lorensson - Harmonica, Adam McCulloch - Saxophone, Morris Michael - Electric and acoustic guitars, Jan "Janne" Oldaeus - Slide guitar, Andrew Wright - Keyboards, Clarence Öfwerman - Keyboards