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Queen Of Rain (2)
Have A Nice Day (2)
I Call Your Name (Reissue) (1)
Roxette - Tourism
Country Argentina
Year 1992
Date of release 08/28/1992
Format MC
Label EMI
Number 7999294

This release has been viewed 1687 times.

Track Listing
Side A
A1)Come te va! (How do you do!) (Studio) 3:12
A2)Con los dedos (Fingertips) (Studio) 3:22
A3)La miranda (The Look) (Live) 5:34
A4)El mar com forma de coraznon (The heart shaped sea) (Studio) 4:31
A5)La lluvia (The Rain) (Studio) 4:49
A6)Me dejaste esperando (Keep me waiting) (Studio) 3:12
A7)Debe haber sido amor (It must have been love) (Live / Studio) 7:08
A8)Calle canela (Cinnamon street) (Studio) 5:04
Side B
B1)Nunca es mucho tiempo (Never is a long time) (Nightclub) 3:44
B2)Azul platedo (Silver blue) (Studio) 4:05
B3)Se vienne el fin de semana (Here comes the weekend) (Hotelroom) 4:11
B4)Tan lejos (So far away) (Hotelroom) 4:02
B5)Vuelve (Antes de partir) (Come back (Before you leave)) (Studio) 4:30
B6)Las cosas nunca seran iguales (Things will never be the same) (Live) 3:22
B7)Paseo alocado (Joyride) (Live) 4:50
B8)Reina de la lluvia (Queen of rain) (Studio) 4:49

Tourism - Songs From Studios, Stages, Hotelrooms & Other Strange Places is Roxette's fourth album and it is not a live album - it's a tour album!

The album is a collection of live tracks and recordings made during Roxette's first world tour "Join The Joyride".

The Swedish edition of the 2-LP was originally planned to be made in Sweden but EMI eventually chaged their minds and instead they imported it from Germany. However a few copies of a Swedish test pressing of the 2-LP do exist and it is today very hard to find.

Produced by Clarence Öfwerman.

Musical credits

Marie Fredriksson - Vocals and piano
Per Gessle - Vocals, electric and acoustic guitars and harmonica

Per "Pelle" Alsing - Drums, percussion and Samsonite suitcase, Victoria "Vicki" Benckert - Backing vocals, accordion and percussion, Bo Eriksson - Oboe, Anders Herrlin - Bass and programming, Jonas Isacsson - Electric and acoustic guitars and mandolin, Greg Leisz - Pedal steer guitar, Mia Lindgren - Backing vocals, Mats "MP" Persson - Acoustic guitar, Alar Suurna - Maracas and tambourine, Clarence Öfwerman - Keyboards, piano and programming, Staffan Öfwerman - Backing vocals, percussion and tambourine, 45 000 Chilean fans - Backing vocals on It Must Have Been Love