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Marie Fredriksson - Efter Stormen
Country Sweden
Year 1987
Date of release 10/12/1987
Format MC
Label EMI
Number 7484574

Note: MC with a silver text printed on the cassette
This release has been viewed 1011 times.

Track Listing
Side A
A1)Längtan (Intro) 1:41
A2)Om du såg mej nu 4:20
A3)Efter stormen 4:01
A4)Kärlekens skuld 4:50
A5)Aldrig som främlingar 4:54
A6)Bara för en dag 4:41
Side B
B1)Längtan 4:16
B2)Låt mej andas 4:34
B3)Kaffe och tårar 4:01
B4)Även vargar måste välja 2:45
B5)När vindarna vänt 4:11
B6)Jag brände din bild 4:29

Efter Stormen is Marie Fredriksson's third solo album and it was recorded at EMI Studios in Stockholm during two sessions, one in May and one in August 1987.

The LP was released in a gatefold sleeve and the first pressing has 24/9-87 engraved on the run-off groove whereas the second pressing has 871001 engraved.

The album sold very well and it was the first solo record by Marie Fredriksson that reached the #1 position on the Swedish charts.

In 1992 the LP was re-released and the only difference between the original issue and the reissue is that the new edition on the LP has the date 921113 engraved on the run-off groove instead of a date from 1987.

Produced by Lars-Göran "Lasse" Lindbom

Musical credits

Marie Fredriksson - Vocals, piano and backing vocals

Andreas Alin - Flute, Per Andersson - Drums and programming, Sara Aronson - Horn, Jörgen Astner - Mandolin, Staffan Astner - Electric guitars, Tomas Gertonsson - Contrabass, Ingalill Hillerud - Contrabass, Erik Häusler - Saxophone, Henrik Janson - Wind and string arrangements, Ulf Janson - Wind and string arrangements, Richard "Ricky" Johansson - Bass and stick, Leif Larson - Keyboards, Mårten Larsson - Oboe, Elmér Lavotha - Cello, Leif Lindvall - Trumpet, Mikael Lundbald - Violin, Thomas Lundbald - Violin, Per Malmstedt - Synthesizers, Karl "Kalle" Moraeus - Violin, Tove Naess - Backing vocal, Ki Rydberg - Backing vocals, Mikael Sjörgen - Cello, Jan-Erik Skoglund - Bassoon, Arne Stenlund - Viola, Sten-Johan Sunding - Viola, Anette Vistrand - Violin