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It Must Have Been Love (45)
A Collection Of Roxette Hits Their ... (4)
A Collection Of Roxette Hits Their ... (4)
Gyllene Tider - Gyllene Tider
Country Sweden
Year 1978
Date of release 11/01/1978
Format 7''
Label Halmstads Musikhandel
Number CMP 2001

This release has been viewed 6153 times.

Side A
A1)Billy 5:40
A2)Pornografi 2:40
Side B
B1)M 3:00
B2)Rembrandt 2:00
B3)När alla vännerna gått hem 3:45

Gyllene Tider was the first record ever released by Per Gessle and his group Gyllene Tider and this self titled EP was financed by the members of the group since they had no contract with any record company. The songs were recorded at Studio CMP in Halmstad during July and August 1978 with the original members of the group:

Mickael "Keef" Andersson - Drums, Jan "Janne" Carlsson - Bass, Per Gessle - Vocals and electric guitars, Mats "MP" Persson - Electric guitars and piano

The songs on this EP were not available anywhere else (except on some bootleg CDs) until they were released as a bonus CD together with the reissue of Gyllene Tider's first album in the summer of 2000. Different versions of the songs Billy and När alla vännerna gått hem were originally included on the albums Gyllene Tider and Moderna Tider.

Only 900 copies of this EP were ever made, of which some where sent to different record companies in order to try to get their attention. The record was also for sale and the group promoted it themselves by putting up posters in Halmstad and surrounding areas. The posters were printed on pink paper and had the following message:

"Gyllene Tider hat inte SEX utan fem låtar på sin nya EP. Köp den!"

Rough translation "Gyllene Tider doesn't have SEX (six and sex is spelled the same way in Swedish) but five songs on their new EP. Buy it!"

The person on the cover of the record was a classmate of Per Gessle and the phtotgraph was taken during a holiday trip in the summer of 1977.

Produced by Per-Olov Andersson and Gyllene Tider