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Per Gessle - Name... (03/28/18)
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Per Gessle - Name... (03/28/18)
Per Gessle - Name... (03/28/18)
Per Gessle - Honu... (03/28/18)
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Per Gessle - Små... (10/16/17)

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the per gessle archives. the roxett... (1)
Vän Till En Vän (1)
Roxette Archives Vol.2 - Look Sharp... (2)
Roxette - A Collection Of Roxette Hits Their 20 Greatest Songs & Videos!
Country Germany
Year 2011
Date of release 05/27/2011
Format CD+DVD
Label Roxette Recordings
Number 5099908294425

This release has been viewed 1536 times.

1.One Wish
2.The Look
3.Dressed For Success
4.Listen To Your Heart
6.It Must Have Been Love
8.Fading Like A Flower (Every time You Leave)
9.Spending My Time
10.How Do You Do!
11.Almost Unreal
12.Sleeping In My Car
13.Crash! Boom! Bang!
14.Run To You
15.Wish I Could Fly
17.The Centre Of The Heart
18.Milk And Toast And Honey
19.A Thing About You
1.A Thing About You (Video)
2.It Must Have Been Love (Video)
3.Listen To Your Heart (Video)
4.Fading Like A Flower (Every time You Leave) (Video)
5.Spending My Time (Video)
6.Queen Of Rain (Video)
7.Almost Unreal (Video)
8.Crash! Boom! Bang! (Video)
9.Vulnerable (Video)
10.You Don´ t Understand Me (Video)
11.Wish I Could Fly (Video)
12.Anyone (Video)
13.Salvation (Video)
14.Milk And Toast And Honey (Video)
15.Opportunity Nox (Video)
16.The Look (Video)
17.Dressed For Success (Video)
18.Dangerous (Video)
19.Joyride (Video)
20.The Big. L (Video)
21.Church Of Your Heart (Video)
22.How do You Do! (Video)
23.Sleeping In My Car (Video)
24.Run To You (Video)
25.June Afternoon (Video)
26.Stars (Video)
27.The Centre Of The Heart (Video)
28.Real Sugar (Video)
29.Neverending Love (Video)
30.Soul Deep (Video)
31.I Call Your Name (Video)
32.Chances (Video)
33.(Do You Get) Excited? (Video)
34. Fingertips`93 (Video)
35.Fireworks (Video)
36.She Doesn't Live Here Anymore (Video)
37.Un Dia Sin Ti (Video)
38.The Making Of Joyride (Documentary)
39.Really Roxette (Documentary)

Exclusive German Tour Edition of the "Roxette Hits!" Album. The Album was released with a Bonus DVD with all the Roxette Videos. Expect the Videos of "SGNO","WO" and "STM".