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Sista Sommarens Vals (1)
Per Gessle (4)
Galning (2)
Roxette - Pearls Of Passion - The First Album
Country Italy
Year 1997
Date of release 10/27/1997
Format CD
Label EMI
Number 8361962

This release has been viewed 7436 times.

Track Listing
1.Soul deep 3:36
2.Secrets that she keeps 3:40
3.Goodbye to you 3:59
4.I call your name 3:35
5.Surrender 4:19
6.Voices 4:41
7.Neverending love 3:26
8.Call of the wild 4:28
9.Joy of a toy 3:02
10.From one heart to another 4:07
11.Like lovers do 3:21
12.So far away 5:15
13.Pearls of passion 3:33
14.It must have been love (Christmas for the broken hearted) 4:48
15.Turn to me 2:57
16.Neverending love (Tits & Ass Demo / 1986) 2:44
17.Secrets that she keeps (Tits & Ass Demo / 1986) 2:53
18.I call your name (Montezuma Demo / 26.07.86) 3:02
19.Neverending love (Frank Mono-Mix / 1987) 3:18
20.I call your name (Frank Mono-Mix / 1987) 3:21

Pearls Of Passion was Roxette's debut album in 1986 and it was later withdrawn and unavailable to buy in regular record shops. Second hand copies of the album eventually became rare which made the album one of the most desireble items to buy for the fans.

In order to make the album avaibalble for both new and old fans it was finally decided that the album should be re-released under the name Pearls Of Passion - The First Album.

This release of the album included the following eight bonus tracks:

Pearls Of Passion - Originally released as the B-side on Roxette's single Soul Deep.

It Must Have Been Love (Christmas For The Broken Hearted) - Originally released as a Roxette single in Scandinavia only at Christmas 1987.

Turn To Me - Originally released as the B-Side on Roxette's single It Must Have Been Love (Christmas For The Broken Hearted) and this is the first time this song is released on CD.

Neverending Love, Secrets That She Keeps and I Call Your Name (Demo Versions) - Those versions of the songs are unavailable anywhere else.

Neverending Love and I Call Your Name (Frank Mono Mixes) - These versions of the songs were previously only available on certain European single releases.

Musical credit
Marie Fredriksson - Vocals
Per Gessle - Vocals

Matts Alsberg - Acoustic bass, Per "Pelle" Alsing - Drums, Per Andersson - Drums, Staffan Astner - Electric guitars, Tommy Cassemar - Bass, Uno Forsberg - Trumpet, Jonas Isacsson - Electric guitars, Mats "MP" Persson - Electric guitars, Mats Persson - Percussion, Mikael Renlinden - Trumpet, Tomas Sjörgen - Trumpet, Alar Suurna - Percussion, Tim Werner - Drums, Clarence Öfwerman - Keyboards