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Have A Nice Day (3)
Roxette - Pearls Of Passion
Country Sweden
Year 1991
Date of release 01/01/1991
Format CD
Label EMI
Number CDP 7464592

Note: CD with a golden star in front the name Roxette / CD "TOOLEX ALPHA CDP 7 46459-2 /01 CDM"
This release has been viewed 2796 times.

Track Listing
1.Soul deep 3:38
2.Secrets that she keeps 3:44
3.Goodbye to you 4:00
4.I call your name 3:36
5.Surrender 4:20
6.Voices 4:41
7.Neverending love 3:29
8.Call of the wild 4:30
9.Joy of a toy 3:07
10.From one heart to another 4:08
11.Like lovers do 3:22
12.So far away 5:13

Pearls Of Passion was Roxette's debut album and it was recorded at EMI Studios in Stockholm in 1986 and was only released in Scandinavia and Canada.

The first edition of the Swedish LP has the following message engraved on the run-off groove: "T'WAS A PLEASURE - CAPTAIN AND KANGAROO". This message has a hidden meaning but Per Gessle wishes it to remain a secret.

In Canada the album was released by Capitol Records but it included the 7'' version of the song Soul Deep instead of the usual album version. After Roxette's enormous success with the album Look Sharp! the record company decided to re-release the album in 1989.

In Scandinavia Pearls Of Passion was re-released in 1991 and the only difference between the original Swedish LP and the reissue is that the new edition has 910902 engraved on the run-off groove instead of the message which was engraved on the original LP:

The original CD was only made in Sweden and when the album was re-released in 1991 they made a mistake when they printed the booklet for the CD. On the front page of the booklet they placed the star in front of the name Roxette instead of behind the name which the original CD has.

A bootleg copy of the CD is available and the best way to find out if it is an original CD or not is to look at the following:

1) On the back of the actual disc is should be printed "TOOLEX ALPHA CDP 7 46459-2/01 CDM" or "TOOLEX ALPHA CDP 7 46459 2 AO @ 1" and not "7464592" as the bootleg copy has printed.

2) On the back insert of the CD the year of release should be printed "(P) 1986 EMI SVENSKA AB" and not "(P) 1986, EMI SVENSKA AB" with the extra comma as the bootleg copy has printed.

The album was internationally released in 1997 under the name Pearls Of Passion - The First Album but this time there were eight bonus tracks included.

Produced by Clarence Öfwerman.

Musical credit

Per Gessle - Vocals
Marie Fredriksson - Vocals

Matts Alsberg - Acoustic bass, Per "Pelle" Alsing - Drums, Per Andersson - Drums, Staffan Astner - Electric guitars, Tommy Cassemar - Bass, Uno Forsberg - Trumpet, Jonas Isacsson - Electric guitars, Mats "MP" Persson - Electric guitars, Mats Persson - Percussion, Mikael Renlinden - Trumpet, Tomas Sjögren - Trumpet, Alar Suurna - Percussion, Tim Werner - Drums, Clarence Öfwerman - Keyboards