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Charm School (1)
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Charm School (1)
Lonely Boys - The Lonely Boys
Country Sweden
Year 1996
Date of release 01/02/1996
Format CD+BOOK
Label Parlophone
Number 4751732

Note: Limited edition CD in a cardboard sleeve
This release has been viewed 2046 times.

1.Lonely boys 2:31
2.I'm not like you 3:02
3.Keep the radio on (This is the perfect song) 2:53
4.September girl 3:20
5.Adam & Eve 2:40
6.I wanna be with you 2:45
7.Fuzzy puss 1:59
8.So much in love 2:32
9.Flowers on the moon 2:51
10.Let go of my heart 1:58
11.Apple in the mud 2:48
12.Pretty little devil (With angel eyes) 2:20
13.Genius gone wrong 3:08
14.Days to come, days of gold 3:31

The Lonely Boys is an album released by the hobby group The Lonely Boys which was formed to record a soundtrack for the book "De Ensamma Pojkarana" which was written by the Swedish rock / sport journalist Mats Olsson.

The recording of the album took only five days and seven of the songs were specially written for this album. The other seven are:

So Much In Love - This is a cover of the Mick Jagger / Keith Richards song (never recorded by The Rolling Stones themselves).

I'm Not Like You, Flowers On The Moon and September Girl - These songs were originally written for Wilmer X.

I Wanna Be With You - This song was originally written for Roxette.

Keep The Radio On (This Is The Perfect Song) - This song was originally written for Gyllene Tider with the title Gå Hem Innan Du Lägger Dej.

Genius Gone Wrong - This song was originally written for Gyllene Tider. A different version of the song is only available on the album Jag Har Förstått Allt, Men Jag Kan Inte Ge Några Detaljer.

When the book was released in November 1995 a limited edition bonus CD was included with the first 2.000 copies of the book. On the cover of this bonus CD the names of the fictional characters from the book were printed instead of the musicians' real names which were supposed to be secret. As the media had already started to write about the real names of the group members there were no queues outside the few bookshops that had the first edition of the book.

The bonus CD in fact been manufactured as a run of 2.500 copies and 500 copies of these were used as promotional copies. A limited edition of 640 promotional vinyl records was also made and this vinyl album immediately became a collectors item which was soon sold for SEK 500 or more.

When the commercial CD was released the secret that most fans already knew was revealed.

The musicians were members of the Swedish groups Gyllene Tider and Wilmer X.

Produced by Michael Ilbert and The Lonely Boys.

Musical credits

Michael "Micke Syd" Andersson alias Kalle Johansson - Drums and tambourine, Per Gessle alias Thomas Nyberg - Vocals and rythym guitar, Nils "Nisse" Hellberg alias Richard Andersson - Vocals, lead guitar, harmonica, maraccas and tambourine, Thomas Holst alias Lasse Göransson - Bass, Mats "MP" Persson alias Roland Bergström - Vox- and Hammond-organ, piano